This page lists some of the prototype software tools related to my works:

More details can be found in readme files and related publications.


OntoGui is a prototype software tool that can be employed in the management and instantiation of ontology A-box modules. This tool mainly aims at supporting:

  • The fast evaluation of ontology T-box by concurrently instantiating a corresponding A‑box, following a Test-driven development approach.
  • The generation of RDF data sets to be used as input for other ontology-based applications, without needing to develop complex customized graphical user interfaces or data converters.

OntoGui was first developed as a desktop application in C++ language making use of the Redland RDF Libraries and wxWidgets Cross-Platform GUI LibraryThe documentation and the academic version are available here.

OntoGuiWeb is the web application version of OntoGui, developed in HTML-JavaScript. Both the documentation and a demo are available online.

The main window of OntoGui/OntoGuiWeb consists of a control panel for the creation and loading of ontologies from both a file-based repository and other more performing RDF stores (e.g. Fuseki, Stardog). The control panel provides also access to a set of functional modules, including:

  • SystemDesign, i.e. a tool that supports the design of a production system and in particular the definition of part types, process plans, machines and buffers. The process plans can be decomposed into process step characterized by precedence relations. Moreover, the process steps can be assigned to the elements of the production systems
  • Utilities, i.e. a tool providing functionalities to generate reports and exchange files based on the contents of the currently loaded ontology modules.
  • IndividualsManager/AssetDesign, i.e. a general purpose tool for the exploration, generation and characterization of OWL individuals.


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Digital Factory 3D
VEB.js (Virtual Environment based on Babylon.js) is a reconfigurable model-driven virtual environment application based on Babylon.js, a complete JavaScript framework and graphics engine for building 3D applications with HTML5 and WebGL (Web Graphics Library). Babylon.js enables to load and draw 3D objects, manage these 3D objects, create and manage special effects, play and manage spatialized sounds, create gameplays and more.

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C++ tool to automatically convert an EXPRESS schema into an OWL ontology. The tool was mainly applied to generate the ifcOWL ontology (Linked Data Working Group), but it can be used to convert any EXPRESS schema. In case of ifcOWL, the tool includes the option to convert also a subset of WHERE rules.
More details can be found in readme file and related publications: